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Yolanda Abaca

Yolanda Abaca

Executive Leadership Council

Having been a nurse for over 20 years, Yolanda "Yollie" Abaca is no stranger to the medical industry. She started her career as an RN at the prestigious UCLA Medical Center, where for 22 years she was a charge nurse in the Cardio Thoracic Unit. 

After an incredibly painful and debilitating injury to her heel, Yollie was forced to retire. Shortly after, her husband passed away leaving her to raise 3 children on her own. She felt vulnerable as her household's finances were always done by her husband. She felt ill-equiped to learn how to handle her finances and educate herself in what she felt was an incredibly complicated industry.

When the market crash of 2008 happened, she watched as her and her husband's 401k plans dropped to less than half of their original value. The college savings for her son has just disappeared. It was at this time that she decided to learn the finance industry, and as a byproduct, the insurance industry, as she felt it was her responsibility to be diligent with where her finances were invested, and to prepare for the future of her children. 

Now she leads a team of caring professionals that are looking to help those in need and give them the education to make the right decisions for their future.