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Consumer Brochures

Retirement Information Brochures

Download our informational brochures to find out more about the seven financial risks retirees encounter and how a fixed index annuity can help chart your course for retirement!


What You'll Explore:

1. Are you confident your savings will withstand a 25 to 30+ year retirement?

2. Do you have a plan to combat inflation’s damaging effects on your purchasing power?

3. Do you have strategies to cover rising healthcare costs and potential long-term care needs?

4. Is your retirement income completely dependent on market performance?

5. Will I have enough income for my retirement when considering taxes, inflation, health care & social security benefits?

6. How much can you withdraw from your retirement savings each year without running out of money?

7. Do you have a tax allocation strategy to help minimize the impact of taxes during retirement?

8. Should I consider Fixed Index Annuities as part of my retirement strategy?

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Download Our Complimentary Brochures

Retirement Roadblocks: 7 Financial Risks to Avoid | Why Fixed Index Annuities? 

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*Please note that Ecospan Insurance Services and their representatives can provide information, but not give tax or Social Security advice. Consumers should seek guidance from their tax advisor or the Social Security Administration regarding their particular situation. Ecospan Insurance Services may be able to identify potential retirement income gaps and may introduce insurance products, such as a fixed annuity, as a potential solution.


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